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Granville Hawkins Chaney
Chaney Family
Nancy E.,
Granville Hawkins,
Malinda 'Easter' Chaney
Photo taken ca 1895

John Adam Bayless
1840 - 1917
Rebecca Chaney
1840 -
ca 1895

 Joseph W Chaney
  Susa Ida

Descendants of Francis Cheney

Generation No. 1

1. FRANCIS1 CHENEY was born December 15, 1696. He married MARGARET.


2. i. FRANCIS SR.2 CHANEY, b. December 15, 1710, New Kent County, Virginia; d. Aft. 1804, Randolph County, North Carolina.

Generation No. 2

2. FRANCIS SR.2 CHANEY (FRANCIS1 CHENEY) was born December 15, 1710 in New Kent County, Virginia, and died Aft. 1804 in Randolph County, North Carolina. He married SARAH AURICK Abt. 1738 in North Carolina. She was born 1719 in North Carolina, and died 1804 in North Carolina.

Francis CHANEY, Sr. [II];1 It is thought that Francis was born in Virginia. He first appears in 1759 in the record of Lord Granville granting James Chaney some land in Orange [now, Randolph] Co., NC. He, in 1762, was also granted land. (The Randolph County, North Carolina, Deed Book 8, p368, records that the Earl of Granville, K.G., granted 400 acres of Orange County to Francis Chaney on 39 June 1762. The land was on the Richland Creek of the waters of Deep River.) Tax lists record him and Francis, Jr., a son who would move to Kentucky then Tennessee. Also, there is John Chaney, another son. His daughter, Margaret, married into the Allred family. In 1804, Francis was deeding land to her, her son (Jonathan Allred) and to John Chaney. This appears to indicate that he might have been reaching the end of his active life and was passing his property to his heirs before he died. However, this is only speculation.

The number of children he and Sarah had is uncertain although the twenty year difference between John and Margaret suggests that several more children were probably born. ---Jesse Gerald Chaney, Sr.

Several records have been located which seem to locate this Francis Chaney in North Carolina although earlier records indicate that he was possibly born about 1700 in New Kent Co., Virginia. However, this preparer feels that that Francis Chaney is too old. (Most ot the content of the following is quoted from the correspondence of Jesse Gerald Chaney.) Note that although the records are of Randolph County, when the transactions were recorded, the area was then part of Orange County.

Randolph County, NC, Deed Book 8, page 368: A grant of 400 acres from the Earl of Granville, K.G., to Francis Chaney of Orange County, in the Province of North Carolina, on Richland Creek of the Waters of Deep River, 30 June, 1762.

In the same Deed Book 8, page 232: Francis Chaney, for love and affection to his daughter, Margaret Allred, one hundred Acres, 26 April, 1801. (John Chaney, in his application for a Revolutionary War pension, named his sister, Margaret Allred.)

On the same page 232: Francis Chaney, for love and goodwill, to his grandson Jonathan Allred, one hundred acres on the Weste End of his land on one fork of Richland Creek 26 April 1801.

On page 431: Francis Chaney, for love and goodwill, to Margaret Alred, his daughter, one hundred acres lying on the waters of Richland Creek as well more fully appear by applying the old original deed given to said Francis Chaney by the Earl of Granville, 2 October, 1804.

On pages 500 and 501: Francis Chaney Sr., Francis Chaney Jr., Michael Harvey Sr., Margaret Alred, and Margarett Stillwell to John Chaney, for one hundred pounds, one hundred acres on the waters of Richland Creek, 27 September 1804. (This John Chaney is certainl the son of Francis Chaney, Sr., who, in an application for a Revolutionary War pension in 1833 in Greene Co., IN, reported that his father was Francis Chaney and his sister was Margaret Allred.)

These documents seem to indicate that Francis Chaney (Sr.) was dispensing his property. This suggests that he was considering his death. Whether he was ill or aged is not clear. No record of his death, nor any other transactions nor legal records, have been found after this year, 1804. ---Jesse Gerald Chaney, Sr. & Charles C. Chaney;

Birth* cir 1717 2
Death* aft 1804 Randolph Co., North Carolina.3
Marriage* 4
Father* Francis CHENEY [I] (1692- )
Spouse* Sarah AURICK5
Birth* cir  1719 6
Six Children:

1/F Margaret CHANEY;7 There is some confusion about when she was born. Records exist recording that Francis deeded property to his grandson, Margaret's son, Jonathan, in 1801. Jonathan must have been an adult when the land was deeded. His reported year of birth, 1774, is probably relatively accurate. This preparer, based upon what few actual records he is aware of, thinks that she was possibly born five to ten years later than c1739. Her brother, John Chaney, was born about 1760 and possibly a year or two later according to his declaration of Revolutionary War service in his application for a pension. The verifiable dates of reported events in his declaration are quite accurate. If the date of her birth is c1839, she would be twenty or more years older than her brother John.

She is known to be living in 1804 when she is reported in a land transaction along with her brother John Chaney and son, Jonathan Allred.

Randolph Co., NC, Deed Book 8, page 232, records that on 26 April 1804 Francis "Cheney" deeded lands adjacent to that of his grandson, Jonathan Allred, to his daughter, "Margrit" Allred of Randolph County. Thus she certainly lived until 1804. ---- Dina D6C. Carson;

Birth* cir  1739 Randolph Co., North Carolina.8,9
Marriage* cir  1761 John ALLRED Jr. (1725-1792); Randolph Co., North Carolina.10,11
Death* aft 1804 Randolph Co., North Carolina.12

2/F Elizabeth CHANEY13
Birth* cir  1740 14
Marriage*  Michael HARVEY Jr.15

3/M Francis CHANEY Jr. [III];16,17 Francis began his family in Randolph County, North Carolina, where he lived near his father, brother John and sister Margaret Allred. He apparently moved to Kentucky where he is listed in the 1800 Census of Cumberland Co., KY. In 1804, a list of delinquent taxpayers of Wayne County, Kentucky, reported that he then lived in Tennessee. His name appears on an Overton County, Tennessee, petition in 1813 and again in the 1820 Census of that county. His son, William, lived in the area. Francis Chaney, Jr.'s, name appears on a list of jurors on 30 August 1820 but this is most certainly his son of the same name. ---Jesse Gerald Chaney, Sr;

Birth* cir 1760 Randolph Co., North Carolina.18
Death* cir 1825 Overton Co., Tennessee.19
Marriage* Mary (--?--) (1755-1832)20

4/M Frederick CHANEY; Randolph County, North Carolina, records show that on 1 May 1787 Frederick Chaney sued Jesse Stroud. In 1789, Francis Chaney sued Abraham Stroud. This suggests a relationship between the two Chaneys which could mean that Frederick was a son of Francis. Frederick is being tentatively recorded here as Francis' son until further research a can be done.

5/M John CHANEY;21,22 He was born in a part of Orange County, North Carolina, which, in 1770, became part of Guilford County then, in 1779, became Randolph County. When he was seventeen or eighteen, he moved to South Carolina to live with a cousin, John Chaney, in 96 District. This John was the son of James Chaney who was apparently the brother of Francis Chaney.

In 1780-81, while living near Cooksville (or Cooks Mills), he volunteered in the State Troops and as a cavalry private under Captains Rose and James Lapham in Col. William Middleton's regiment of dragoons. He was in engagements at Monck's Corners and Juniper Springs near West Old Fields in which he received three sword wounds. He served one year in this enlistment. He was discharged but immediately re-enlisted without leaving camp. He served four months under Col. William Washington and fought in the battles of Eutah Springs and at the Potato Patch. He was with Washington's Cavalry at the right rear of the American forces and saw little action although Washington was captured and his officers and men scattered. Following that defeat at Eutaw Springs, no officers remained and his horse had been stolen. He became very ill and spent about three weeks at Col. Middleton's house. John, although still very weak, asked permission to return to the State Troops. Following a hazardous trek, he reached the Troops on the Congaree River in a state of near collapse. He was ill a further month. As far as John knew, Washington's Troop was never collected nor reorganized after Eutaw Springs. He was very ill and had served four months. Some the officers, and his friends, advised that he should quit service and go home. He returned to Randolph County, North Carolina, where he again enlisted and served three months as a private in Capt. John Rain's company of Rangers, Col. Doughan's regiment.

Following the Revolution, he lived in Randolph County on Deep River for about five years before he married. After fifteen years of marriage he moved his family to a place on the Holston River in Grainger County, Tennessee, where they stayed eleven years. He then moved to Overton County, Tennessee, where his brother Francis Chaney had settled. After twelve years he moved to Harrison County, Indiana, where he lived for a year before spending a winter in Monroe County, Indiana. He then settled in adjacent Greene County, Indiana, where he apparently remained until his death in 1845. ---Declaration for Revolutionary War Pension, John Chaney #S32177;

Birth* cir 1757 Orange Co., North Carolina.23
Marriage* cir 1786  -1833); Randolph Co., North Carolina.24
Death* 12 Sep 1845 Greene Co., Indiana.25
Burial* aft 12 Sep 1845 near Doley's Mill, Worthington, Greene Co., Indiana.26

6/M Robert CHANEY27
Death* Drowned at an early age.28


i. MARGARET3 CHANEY, b. Abt. 1739; m. JOHN ALLRED, Abt. 1759, North Carolina; b. Abt. 1736; d. Abt. 1792.

3. ii. ELIZABETH CHANEY, b. Abt. 1740, North Carolina.

iii. JOHN CHANEY, b. Abt. 1757; d. September 12, 1845, Indiana.

4. iv. FRANCIS JR. CHANEY, b. Abt. 1760, North Carolina; d. Abt. 1825, Tennessee.

v. ROBERT CHANEY, b. Abt. 1765, North Carolina.

Generation No. 3

3. ELIZABETH3 CHANEY (FRANCIS SR.2, FRANCIS1 CHENEY) was born Abt. 1740 in North Carolina. She married MICHAEL HARVEY Abt. 1758 in North Carolina. He was born Abt. 1727, and died Abt. 1805.





4. FRANCIS JR.3 CHANEY (FRANCIS SR.2, FRANCIS1 CHENEY) was born Abt. 1760 in North Carolina, and died Abt. 1825 in Tennessee. He married MARY UNKNOWN. She was born Abt. 1765, and died Aft. 1830.


5. i. ROBERT4 CHANEY, b. Abt. 1803, Tennessee; d. Aft. 1850.

ii. WILLIAM CHANEY, b. Abt. 1784, North Carolina; d. Abt. 1835, Arkansas; m. SARAH SCOTT.

iii. FRANCIS CHANEY, b. Abt. 1794, North Carolina.

Generation No. 4

5. ROBERT4 CHANEY (FRANCIS JR.3, FRANCIS SR.2, FRANCIS1 CHENEY) was born Abt. 1803 in Tennessee, and died Aft. 1850. He married OBEDIENCE RAY Abt. 1827 in Tennessee. She was born February 25, 1809 in Virginia.


6. i. WADE HAMPTON5 CHANEY, b. 1828, Tennessee.

7. ii. JAMES CHANEY, b. 1829, Tennessee; d. Abt. 1863, Arkansas.

8. iii. FRANCES CHANEY, b. 1830, Tennessee.

9. iv. GRANVILLE HAWKINS CHANEY, b. March 10, 1836, Overton County, Tennessee; d. March 1918, Boone Co., Arkansas.

10. v. BENJAMIN L. D. CHANEY, b. 1837, Tennessee.

11. vi. REBECCA CHANEY, b. June 15, 1840.

vii. JOHN CHANEY, b. 1843, Tennessee.

Generation No. 5

6. WADE HAMPTON5 CHANEY (ROBERT4, FRANCIS JR.3, FRANCIS SR.2, FRANCIS1 CHENEY) was born 1828 in Tennessee. He married ELIZABETH UNKNOWN Abt. 1857 in Arkansas. She was born 1838 in Arkansas.


i. JAMES6 CHANEY, b. 1856.

ii. BENJAMIN CHANEY, b. 1859.

iii. NANCY CHANEY, b. 1860.

iv. LEWIS M. CHANEY, b. 1870.

v. JOSEPH CHANEY, b. 1874.

7. JAMES5 CHANEY (ROBERT4, FRANCIS JR.3, FRANCIS SR.2, FRANCIS1 CHENEY) was born 1829 in Tennessee, and died Abt. 1863 in Arkansas. He married MELVINA UNKNOWN Abt. 1854 in Arkansas. She was born Abt. 1836.


i. MARTHA J.6 CHANEY, b. 1855.

ii. SARAH F. CHANEY, b. 1857.

iii. MELINDA E. CHANEY, b. February 1860, Arkansas; d. Abt. 1863, Arkansas.

iv. REBECCA CHANEY, b. 1863.

8. FRANCES5 CHANEY (ROBERT4, FRANCIS JR.3, FRANCIS SR.2, FRANCIS1 CHENEY) was born 1830 in Tennessee. She married ALBERT C. WALKER Abt. 1851 in Tennessee, son of BENJAMIN WALKER and MARY UNKNOWN. He was born 1826 in Tennessee.


i. JAMES A.6 WALKER, b. 1852.

ii. WILLIAM M. WALKER, b. 1854.

iii. RUFUS D. WALKER, b. 1856.

iv. JOHN E. WALKER, b. 1858.

9. GRANVILLE HAWKINS5 CHANEY (ROBERT4, FRANCIS JR.3, FRANCIS SR.2, FRANCIS1 CHENEY) was born March 10, 1836 in Overton County, Tennessee, and died March 1918 in Boone Co., Arkansas. He married MALINDA L. EASTER October 31, 1869 in Carroll County, AR. She was born November 27, 1837 in Roane County, Tennessee, and died January 28, 1918 in Boone Co., Arkansas.


In 1860 Waid Chaney and Granville Chaney appear in the Census of Carroll County, Arkansas.

1860 ARKANSAS, Osage Twp, Carroll County, Page 888
Waid H. Cheney 35 m Tenn.
Elizabeth 22 f Ark.
James M. 2 m Ark.
Nancy 1/12 f Ark.

1860 ARKANSAS, Jackson Twp, Carroll County, Page 853
Granville Chaney 24 m Tenn.
Malinda 22 f Tenn.
Nancy E. 2 f Ark.
Joseph W. 3/12 m Ark.

They appear to be Waid (Wade) Hampton Chaney and Granville Hawkins "Marion" Chaney, sons of Robert and Obedience (Ray) Chaney of Overton County, Tennessee. They are apparently the sons of Robert Chaney of Overton County, Tennessee. (Robert is most likely a descendant of Francis and Sarah (Aurich) of Randolph County, North Carolina, although further evidence is needed.) Comparison of earlier census records in Tennessee tend to verify this:

1850 TENNESSEE, Overton County, Tennessee, 5th Dist., September 19
Page 60/31, Dwelling 410/411
Chany, Robert 47 m Farmer KY
Obedience 42 f VA
Waidhampton 22 m TN
 James 21 m TN
Frances 20 f TN
Granville 15 m TN
Benjamin 13 m TN
Rebeca 10 f TN
John 3 m TN

There is little doubt that this is the same family group that appears in the 1830 and 1840 Overton Co. census:

1840 Tennessee, Overton County census compared with converted 1850 data
Robert Cheney 1 male 30-und. 40 Robert 37 m
1 female 30-und. 40 Obedience 32 f
2 males 10-und. 15 Waidhampton 12 m, James 11 m
1 female 5-und. 10 Frances 10 f
1 male 5-und. 10 Granville 5 m
1 male under 5 Benjamin 3 m

1830 TENNESSEE Overton County---compared with converted 1850 data. Page 206, line 17:
Robert Chany 2 males under 5 - Waidhampton 2, James 1
1 male 20-30 - Robert 27
1 female 20-30 - Obedience 22
1 female 70-80 -  (unknown)

Note: Wade Hampton (c1752-1835), of Virginia, was a colonel in the American Revolutions. During the era of the War of 1812 he was a brigadier general (1809), then, major general (1813). He was held responsible for the failure of the U.S. expedition against Montreal (1813) and resigned (1814.) His grandson, also named Wade Hampton, was a Confederate officer in the Civil War and a governor of South Carolina in the 1870s. Many parents of the era named sons for one Wade Hampton or the other since the names appear rather frequently.


i. MARY F.6 CHANEY, b. November 1856; d. December 1856.

ii. CAROLINE CHANEY, b. 1858, Arkansas.

12. iii. NANCY ELIZABETH CHANEY, b. January 23, 1858, Arkansas; d. July 09, 1937, Boone Co., Arkansas.

13. iv. JOSEPH WILLIAM CHANEY, b. April 03, 1860, Arkansas; d. November 29, 1921, Arkansas (Age 47? years).

v. LUCRETIA CAROL CHANEY, b. January 25, 1863, Arkansas; d. February 23, 1910, Arkansas; m. LEWIS J. INMAN; b. 1849; d. 1914, Arkansas.

14. vi. EVELINE REBECCA CHANEY, b. August 08, 1865, Missouri; d. November 26, 1894, Boone Co., Arkansas.

vii. JOHN C. CHANEY, b. May 30, 1868; d. November 22, 1894, Boone County, Arkansas.

15. viii. SOLOMON S. CHANEY, b. May 30, 1872, Arkansas; d. September 07, 1946, Arkansas.

10. BENJAMIN L. D.5 CHANEY (ROBERT4, FRANCIS JR.3, FRANCIS SR.2, FRANCIS1 CHENEY) was born 1837 in Tennessee. He married (1) SALLY UNKNOWN Abt. 1859. She was born 1840, and died 1875. He married (2) LUCINDA UNKNOWN Abt. 1876.


i. HENRY R. E.6 CHANEY, b. April 1860.

ii. JOHN S. CHANEY, b. 1862.

iii. MARY M. CHANEY, b. 1868.


iv. FRANCES R.6 CHANEY, b. 1877.

11. REBECCA5 CHANEY (ROBERT4, FRANCIS JR.3, FRANCIS SR.2, FRANCIS1 CHENEY) was born June 15, 1840. She married JOHN ADAM BAYLESS January 08, 1861 in Berryville, Arkansas. He was born 1840, and died 1917.


i. MARY PAULINE6 BAYLESS, b. August 04, 1862, Arkansas.

ii. MARTHA ELIZABETH BAYLESS, b. June 05, 1856, Missouri.

iii. GEORGE GRANT BAYLESS, b. August 25, 1868, Missouri.

iv. SARAH ALICE BAYLESS, b. August 26, 1871, Missouri.

v. ORPHA LAURANA BAYLESS, b. January 30, 1875, Missouri.

vi. JOHN SHERMAN BAYLESS, b. September 28, 1877, Missouri.

vii. WILLIAM ROBERT BAYLESS, b. August 16, 1880, Missouri; d. March 05, 1923, Cassville, Missouri.

Generation No. 6

12. NANCY ELIZABETH6 CHANEY (GRANVILLE HAWKINS5, ROBERT4, FRANCIS JR.3, FRANCIS SR.2, FRANCIS1 CHENEY) was born January 23, 1858 in Arkansas, and died July 09, 1937 in Boone Co., Arkansas. She married ACE BRADLEY THOMASON. He was born 1852, and died 1934 in Boone Co., Arkansas.



13. JOSEPH WILLIAM6 CHANEY (GRANVILLE HAWKINS5, ROBERT4, FRANCIS JR.3, FRANCIS SR.2, FRANCIS1 CHENEY) was born April 03, 1860 in Arkansas, and died November 29, 1921 in Arkansas (Age 47? years). He married IDA L RICH. She was born March 04, 1867 in Missouri, and died June 30, 1920 in Arkansas (Age 47 years).

Children of JOSEPH CHANEY and IDA RICH are:

i. EDMOND7 CHANEY, b. 1898.

ii. GRANVILLE A. CHANEY, b. 1904.

iii. LULA CHANEY, b. 1904.

iv. LYDIA CHANEY, b. 1906.

v. URI CHANEY, b. 1908.

vi. AMOS CHANEY, b. 1911.

vii. AMY CHANEY, b. 1911.

14. EVELINE REBECCA6 CHANEY (GRANVILLE HAWKINS5, ROBERT4, FRANCIS JR.3, FRANCIS SR.2, FRANCIS1 CHENEY) (Source: Birth-Death: Boone Co., AR cemetery records.) was born August 08, 1865 in Missouri, and died November 26, 1894 in Boone Co., Arkansas. She married JOHN C. RICH September 25, 1887 in Boone County, AR, son of WILLIAM RICH and LYDIA ROWE. He was born Abt. 1868 in Missouri.

Children of EVELINE CHANEY and JOHN RICH are:

16. i. WILLIAM MARION7 RICH, b. July 22, 1888, Boone County, Arkansas; d. July 22, 1970, Seminole, Seminole County, Oklahoma.

17. ii. FRED L. RICH, b. March 31, 1890, Boone Co., Arkansas; d. August 06, 1971, Lathrop, San Joaquin, California.

iii. MAMIE M. RICH, b. April 18, 1893, Boone County, Arkansas; d. August 03, 1970, Fort Collins, Larimer Co, Colorado; m. ANDREW TIVES JOHNSON, Abt. 1912, Possibly Oklahoma; b. October 22, 1888, Claiborne Co. Tennesee; d. December 26, 1971, Fort Collins, Larimer Co, Colorado.

15. SOLOMON S.6 CHANEY (GRANVILLE HAWKINS5, ROBERT4, FRANCIS JR.3, FRANCIS SR.2, FRANCIS1 CHENEY) was born May 30, 1872 in Arkansas, and died September 07, 1946 in Arkansas. He married LURINDA B. MCFALL. She was born January 13, 1883, and died September 02, 1969 in Arkansas.


i. EVA7 CHANEY, b. 1912.

ii. WALAIS CHANEY, b. 1914.

iii. ALAN CHANEY, b. 1916.

iv. JOHN CHANEY, b. 1918.

Generation No. 7

16. WILLIAM MARION7 RICH (EVELINE REBECCA6 CHANEY, GRANVILLE HAWKINS5, ROBERT4, FRANCIS JR.3, FRANCIS SR.2, FRANCIS1 CHENEY) was born July 22, 1888 in Boone County, Arkansas, and died July 22, 1970 in Seminole, Seminole County, Oklahoma. He married GIPSY LEVENIA JONES in Oklahoma, daughter of FRANCIS JONES and SARAH MORRIS. She was born March 23, 1894 in Texas, and died May 10, 1968 in Seminole, Seminole County, Oklahoma.

Children of WILLIAM RICH and GIPSY JONES are:


ii. JOHN FRANKLIN RICH, b. February 12, 1916, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma; d. May 30, 1999, Seminole, Seminole County, Oklahoma.

iii. WILLIAM DELMAR RICH, b. January 27, 1918.

iv. RUBY LOUISE RICH, b. March 19, 1920, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma; d. July 1985; m. LEON BADGETT; b. 1921; d. 1984.

v. EDITH BEATRICE RICH, b. August 05, 1921; d. December 18, 1945.

vi. ESTHER M. RICH, b. October 26, 1921; m. GEORGE L. NORMAN, October 26, 1940, Oklahoma.

vii. ELVIN HAWKINS RICH, b. April 10, 1923; d. March 30, 1996.

viii. WARREN M. RICH, b. March 16, 1931; d. May 18, 1982; m. MARGARET.

17. FRED L.7 RICH (EVELINE REBECCA6 CHANEY, GRANVILLE HAWKINS5, ROBERT4, FRANCIS JR.3, FRANCIS SR.2, FRANCIS1 CHENEY) was born March 31, 1890 in Boone Co., Arkansas, and died August 06, 1971 in Lathrop, San Joaquin, California. He married NANCY D. JOHNSON Abt. 1918. She was born September 28, 1894 in Missouri, and died May 28, 1953 in Lathrop, San Joaquin, California.

Children of FRED RICH and NANCY JOHNSON are:

i. LEON VERNON8 RICH, b. April 27, 1918, Oklahoma; d. January 22, 1994, Manteca, San Joaquin, California; m. GLADYS DILBECK.

ii. ALMA KATHERINE RICH, b. September 11, 1920, Oklahoma; d. May 02, 1989, Ukiah, Mendocino County, California.

iii. STERLING CLIFFORD RICH, b. May 15, 1925, Oklahoma; d. May 15, 2001, Oklahoma; m. DOROTHY BRAY.

iv. DEWARD RICHARD RICH, b. January 16, 1926, Oklahoma; d. July 28, 1992, Oklahoma; m. ROBERTA CRUZ.

v. BILLIE JOE RICH, b. August 07, 1928, Oklahoma; d. March 11, 1981, Stockton, San Joaquin County, California; m. EUGENIA.

vi. MILDRED JOYCE RICH, b. September 27, 1930, Oklahoma; d. July 05, 1993, Manteca, San Joaquin County, California.


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